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Some days you might feel the need for a 
" little bit of special". 

Why wait!  Take care of you and give yourself a boost when you need it. 
Today...who knows why...hormones (or lack thereof), spring fever, being tired, or whatever, is one of those days for me.

So, I gave myself a boost!

The flowers were picked from the side of our road and out in the pasture. Lunch, was a piece of walnut crusted fish, grilled on top of the stove and a spinach salad!!  Yummy!

Not difficult and not expensive. Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to give yourself a much needed boost of your own!
Go to McDonald's?  Eat McNuggets?  
On our farm, we grow chicken for McNuggets! 
The past few days have been busy ones preparing for the arrival of approximately 43,000 babies...give or take one or two. Today we got a new batch. 


Half arrived at 9:00am and the rest are coming at 3:30pm! Don't know why and don't like it. It really messes with your day and makes it difficult to get anything else done.  But, that's life on a farm.  When most people hear the word farm, they think crops. 
Our crop, is chickens.  These cute, fluffy babies will stay with us for eight weeks and then will be picked up and processed into nuggets for McDonald's!  Sounds easy!  But, you have so many variables that go into growing a chicken that's just right and will hopefully make you money.  Just like with growing crops, you are at the mercy of things beyond your control.  How much feed, light, warmth and water?  You do your best, hope for the best and pray that this will be the batch that turns out "just right"!  If getting rich is what you want then my advice to you would be ..." stay away from farming"!  However, if you would enjoy being your own boss, setting your own hours (to a certain extent), and talking (most days) only to yourself, then I a piece of land and go for it!

Just like Cinderella, I'm the proud owner of a special pair of shoes (ok, boots) to help me, help my man!
Got him without the boots but they help me keep him!

My coach is high tech, it not only gets me the three miles to where our houses are but it's also great for hauling rocks, dirt and anything else a savvy farm tech might need.  My farmer man will be upset when he sees that this picture was taken, and posted of, a dirty Kubota...I say," it's a truck!"  Farm trucks are supposed to be dirty!  Proof of use!

I got the title of "farm tech" thrust upon me back in August when I lost a job that I loved and thought I would have forever. I now can truly say " thank you!" to the change that's taken place in my life. I know that so many people across this country are losing jobs and are worried about what will come next. I wish that everyone could have the opportunity that I was blessed with, to take a very painful hurt and make into days that are so full of wonderful that you wish they would slow down!
Continue to join me on my journey...I see Eagles!
I hope you do too!

P.S.  Go to McDonald's! Eat McNuggets!

Good Morning! Wow, Blogging before breakfast...this could be early proof of an addiction beginning as I am a breakfast eater!  My first attempt at posting alone with out my BFF to help! (Teresa, hope your travel home today is filled with new sights and safety!)  
As you can see, I have a section in my blog titled Once Was. This area will always be used to showcase either the garment in it's former life or maybe the fabric used to line a purse, accent a pillow or whatever weird, wonderful thing my mind conjures up. 
I hope you will continue to "tune in" to see what's next and please pass along to friends, family, complete strangers and everyone in-between!
These pillows you see today are a couple of "quickly" thrown together items that came from the scraps of curtains that I worked on for Teresa.  
Within the next couple of weeks I plan to be set up with a payment plan, items to sell and instructions on how you can send me your special garment (or whatever you have) that you'd like to get made into a keepsake. Please use my email and let me know what you think, ask a question or just chat! I look forward to hearing from you.
My eyes are beginning to cross I'm so hungry so I think it's time to hit the post button and get on with my day. ( I wonder...this might be a possible way to lose those extra pounds I've been complaining about. Of course, leaving off the Ben & Jerry's ice cream I ate last night might also help!!)
New headache!!   I can tell you that I'm falling in love with this blogging business but wish I could take a " computer genius" pill and just know it ALL already!  This learning "how to" stuff is making my head pound!  The sun is shinning and I want to be outside and inside at the same time.  Such decisions.  How will I choose?  What a wonderful life that gives us choices!  
I heard someone yesterday who said "staying at home is so boring"!?  I just don't get it!  There's always something to do, see, read, get involved in. I guess to each his or her own, but ...I love being at home. Sure, there's less money to spend but as most of us learn as we grow " money is not everything" and most definitely will not bring you true happiness!
So...having said that, here's to hoping you have a great day!