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Signs and Dots

The "@" sign. It's on your computer, phone, I-pad, everything you own that has a keypad. We even use it now when writing with our own hand! A simple, easy to use, SIGN.

A period, dot, tiny point! We use it to end a sentence. Sometimes we cluster several together... and then go on with a thought! Just a tiny point. Simple, easy to use. No big deal!

No big've spent the past three years trying to get the word out about your blog and the bags you sell. If you are trying to direct traffic to a blog (street, store, house, ANYWHERE) You need to get the address right! And so...get this...I have "blissfully" been putting the WRONG blog address ALL OVER THE PLACE! In my bags, on the tags that go with the bags, on name it! 

Last week while working on a bag, I kept hearing this little bell in my head. When it wouldn't go away I got up and came to the computer to check. There it was. Big as life. In my blog address. A  not the  sign.  And what's on everything????  The @ sign. 

If you're reading this it's because somehow, someway, you found the right address. This is one of those, "MORON" moments. This is when my Dad would say..."Oh my aching back"! 

And so, now I am busy trying to get everything changed to the correct address.  

Who's fault was it? Mine and only mine! Apparently I confused a part of my email address with the blog address. Sad thing is that it took me so long to catch it! My blog followers, you friends and family, already had it bookmarked and so never had to search for the address. If you are reading this and had to search, please accept my apology and thanks! I hope to get the word out about the correction. ( pass it on please) 

In case you don't know, here's what Mr. Webster says of a moron.

moron, 1. a mentally deficient person with an intelligence quotient ranging from 50 to 75; a person mentally equal or inferior to a child between eight and twelve years old; moron is the highest classification of mental deficiency, above imbecile and idiot. 2. loosely, a very foolish or stupid person.