Page by Page

Good Morning! Wow, Blogging before breakfast...this could be early proof of an addiction beginning as I am a breakfast eater!  My first attempt at posting alone with out my BFF to help! (Teresa, hope your travel home today is filled with new sights and safety!)  
As you can see, I have a section in my blog titled Once Was. This area will always be used to showcase either the garment in it's former life or maybe the fabric used to line a purse, accent a pillow or whatever weird, wonderful thing my mind conjures up. 
I hope you will continue to "tune in" to see what's next and please pass along to friends, family, complete strangers and everyone in-between!
These pillows you see today are a couple of "quickly" thrown together items that came from the scraps of curtains that I worked on for Teresa.  
Within the next couple of weeks I plan to be set up with a payment plan, items to sell and instructions on how you can send me your special garment (or whatever you have) that you'd like to get made into a keepsake. Please use my email and let me know what you think, ask a question or just chat! I look forward to hearing from you.
My eyes are beginning to cross I'm so hungry so I think it's time to hit the post button and get on with my day. ( I wonder...this might be a possible way to lose those extra pounds I've been complaining about. Of course, leaving off the Ben & Jerry's ice cream I ate last night might also help!!)