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B & B take a walk...

I have been very busy for the last couple of weeks trying to get holiday bag orders filled.  All those hours at the machine makes me stiff and sore.  I decided that I would stop every afternoon and take a walking break to help keep me going. Nothing long and hard, just down the hill to the creek and around the pond bank and back up to the house.  Fresh air and sunshine!

Day one went well. I think that both my brain and body were in shock from the unexpected and so neither one had much reaction.  Today was day six or seven ( not sure which ) and both B & B now have different thoughts on the matter.

Brain: " we go"

Body: "Oh Noooooo, not again!  I thought we had convinced her to stop this nonsense"

Brain: " Oh no you don't!  I'm on her side and so I plan to do all I can to make sure she never gives in to your baby whining and sabotage attempts! "

Body: " I thought for sure we had her when she couldn't catch her breath trying to climb back up that hill!  Yeah, and what about that tight pain in her back when she had to stop and bend over a minute to work it out.  Hey, how about those leg cramps and stomach pains? Those really should've done it!

Brain: " do you not realize that she does this for you stupid.....if she just keeps sitting there and doesn't work you every now and then you won't be going anywhere because you won't be able to move!!"

Body:  "But we don't like it! And we don't like you either for getting us into this mess!"

Brain:  "Someday you'll thank me!"

Brain:  " By the way...I'm the one who whispered that we should get that square of chocolate when we're done!"