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Can't never could...

In keeping with the "theme" of this blog to re-use, recycle and basically re-invent, I notice (and am intrigued) when someone makes something unique and different out of "not much".

Determination...I wonder...if you could weigh that word on a set of guess is it would weigh at least a ton!  (of course, some of us weigh more than determination and I'm sorry to say in pounds too...another story, another day!)

While on a recent trip to Eureka Springs, with Hubby Honey, I saw the most amazing proof that determination, in the right amount, will cause "can do to be done"

Quigley's Castle

If you've never heard of it...(I hadn't) or seen it, then prepare to be amazed!  I will tell you, and I'm being completely honest...I walked around with my mouth open the entire time.  I couldn't believe what I was was case you can't tell...I loved it!!!  Can't wait to go back.  I could have stayed for hours.

When we got home and I loaded my pictures into the computer and I had taken more than 100 of just Quigley's Castle...I've never taken that many pictures of any one thing or event before...(not even my kids at Christmas...and yes I love my kids and Christmas)!  My pictures are great, but nothing and I say, NOTHING like seeing it in person!  You MUST go if you ever get the opportunity!!!

This house was built by a woman who was 33 years old and "determined" to get her new house. 
It was in June of 1943 and after her husband left for work she gathered the children around her and told them " we're going to tear the house down" and they did. When her husband came home from work, the house was gone and they had moved all the belongings into the chicken house. She had been promised a new house and she was determined to get it!

The house was built with lumber milled from their own land and it actually has bare earth inside the house coming out from the walls about four feet so that she could "bring the outdoors inside" with plants. No pots for Mrs. Quigley... she made flower beds inside the house.  As if that wasn't enough...EVERYTHING...I say again EVERYTHING... is covered in rocks.  She began collecting at the age of nine and made everything out of rocks...paths, the house, mailbox, garden borders, birdbaths, birdcages (and these are inside the house), tables, benches and I could go on but I know that either by now you're planning your trip or you've hit the delete button...

These plants, that are growing inside the house, are over fifty-five years old now! ( just realized...they're older than me!) Wowzer!! 

I am telling you...that woman's determination weighed TONS!!!

Hubby Honey was patient...sort of...he did tell me at one point that if I would be quiet he could read all the info posted throughout the house...what can I say. When I get excited about something I find it hard to be quiet...I want everyone to see and enjoy!  

I did give him the "look" when he told me he thought they needed a weed-eater...