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Look out

I am blessed with family and friends! Both of these groups are so good to help me with finding the occasional clothing item or piece of vintage/free/cheap fabric to be used in a bag. They will ask me if I would like to go through their thrift store or garage sale bag before disposing of the items! My answer is always "yes".

Here's my latest gift! ( Oh me they are as good as any gift with a bow on top )

A friend picked up vintage curtains at an auction. She was kind enough to call me before throwing them in the trash! Yes....the trash! When she opened the bag all I could say was...Oh Oh Oh....Bless her, she was concerned, was it a good Oh? You bet!  I am now the proud owner of  seven panels of this awesome fabric! I can not wait to see a purse/ tote/ weekender made from this fabric.

Thanks Dee, for thinking of me.

It's funny. I've noticed recently that when I compliment family and friends on their clothes they tend to hug their bodies and say NO