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Stitches Galore...

I have been up to my neck in stitches...

There was blood...but not a lot!

The blood came from pin pricks and the stitches were made on my sewing machine!  I have been sewing, almost non-stop for the past few weeks.

Christmas was coming...faster and faster and faster...

so I...sewed...faster and faster and faster!

Hence the...blood, sweat, tears and yes...believe it or not... even a little laughter.

No have a lot of catching up to do and I will begin by showing you the aprons I've been making and selling.

I wish I'd kept count...

Maybe that needs to be part of my New Year's Resolution...

only problem there is... I never keep those either!



You've heard that song, "It's my party and I'll cry if I want too!""s my blog and I'll vent if I want too!

I saw something last night that made me want to have a fit and I mean one of those screaming, crazy jobs!!!

It was time to (finally) begin some Christmas shopping. So, here I go, armed with list, ideas and what I think are comfortable shoes...NOT...

after eight hours of walking, I drive into the parking lot of Walmart and that's when the "fit" began. 

I'm here to tell you that the parking lot was full. Almost every space was taken.

Sounds good to you?  A sign of a better economy?  People out shopping!  Contributing to jobs!


That parking lot and ALL those spaces were full...of buggies. Shopping carts everywhere...except where they belong.  All of the cart corrals were empty.  I'm not kidding.!

Okay, if you are disabled in some way and can't take your cart and put it up then you know I'm not talking to you...but, if you're able bodied enough to walk in the store... take a,


Comman courtesy goes a long way people...

Have I ever been in a big hurry and done that myself? 

Yes...I'm ashamed to admit...but, take this to the bank...

I won't be doing it again!

You just should've been there... 


You must be wondering why I would title this post "mistake" and then show you something so pretty!

Thought you might enjoy seeing what can be made when you don't follow the directions! 

Months  after teaching my niece a particular crochet pattern I had the opportunity to see her almost, well maybe almost, finished product.  It was gorgeous and looked nothing like what I had taught her to do.  I began to question her and found out that she forgot how many stitches she needed to do and so...just did her on thing!  Wow!  It really was beautiful.  In the spirit of "I have to have one"  I ran out, bought yarn, and began to make my own "mistake" patterned afghan.

So...when you goof on something, just take a step back, look closely and see how to make it even better!

Thank you Holly!