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I think I earned it....

Have been "computing" since just after lunch!  Had a "working"  phone conversation with my 
"techie BFF"  and now I'm supposed to be doing my "homework"....UGH!!!  I swear I'd rather pull my hair out (sometimes) than to do the work on the computer that needs to be done in order to maintain and build my blog.  Don't get me wrong...I love's just the computer I have issues with!

And"s Ben and Jerry time...Ben and Jerry time...
I'm singing...
and your point?

Hey...both my boys are gone and I've been left with 42,000 chickens, 40 momma cows, two bulls and two dogs! 

If that doesn't earn a girl some Ben and Jerry's then nothing will!

And's on "roll back" at your favorite neighborhood Wal-Mart...

Treat yourself...just don't eat a whole carton at one sitting...
spread it out and you won't feel so guilty!!!!

WORDS...$ $ $

We use them every day!  This is our primary source of communication with those we come in contact with, whether they be family, friend or foe!  We're taught from the very beginning of our life that we need to choose our "words" wisely and that words can "cost". 

Cost?  I know I'm not much of a "shopper" but I've never seen an aisle at Wal-Mart where words are sold.  Can you get them in bundle packs or at a discount? think I'm being ridiculous!  Actually, what I'm trying to give you, and myself, is a gentle reminder that words can cost us, and sometimes that price can be high.  The highest price, I think, can be in the loss of, or change in, relationships, esp. with those we love and hold dear.  We throw words out like the change from our pockets and then we sometimes have to turn around and get out the "big bucks" to try and retrieve the loose change, only to find it an impossible task! 

Actions are chosen...consequences are not!

These actions also include how we respond to words spoken to us.  I can "choose" to let negative words affect me in a negative way, or not.  In the movie " Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts had a line that said..." the bad stuff is easier to believe" but...only if we allow it!  

Need " five minutes of whine time", take it!  Use it to call a sister, friend, whomever will allow you to whine and them take a deep breath, tell yourself to be true to yourself  and move forward ...If you have a dream you are pursuing...continue pursuing!

Have a blog?  Blog! 

Sticks and Stones...Yeah!  Sometimes I'd rather have that...
I think they might be easier to get over and much less costly...
at least to my self esteem...
oh yea...
and that's covered under my insurance!!!



I've been out of town for the past three days helping my daughter and son-n-law move into a new house!

Was this fun?  Yes!  Hard?  Yes!!!!!

As we worked, I would ponder from time to time if this would, "maybe", earn me some nursing-home points.  I'm sure that at some point in every parents life the thought runs through their head...I hope my kids will visit me if I end up in a nursing home. So...I'm thinking that maybe we should come up with a point system.  

Something like this:

Poopy diaper...10 points (each)
Bottle at 2:00am...15 points
Laundry and meals...(18 yrs worth) 5,000 pts.   
Halloween costumes & Trick or Treating in the rain...450 pts
Ball Games, Band Concerts, Parades, etc...50 pts. each
Dates and staying up late to listen for the car (or truck)...1,000pts ( each)
Painting walls and moving furniture...100 pts per time and wall
This list could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point!

I think I'm up to at least zillion by now.

Now...divide one zillion by each visit being worth 10pts, and it looks like I'm going to be the most popular "old woman" there!

You think I shouldn't count on a point system working????

I think your right!!!!!

Done and Done!!

I told you in a previous post that I had been working on a really cute denim bedspread.  


I made this for my son.  It was constructed from his old jeans and shirts that, to most people, were worn out and should have been thrown away. 

I love the way it turned out. 

Go to my "memories made" page to see more and check out how you can order your own!


Tick Tock...Tick Tock...

WOW!  Two mornings in a row...maybe I'm on a roll...just hope it last!

I learned two things yesterday that I want to share...maybe, if you'll pay attention, you'll not only keep from getting'll also have a better use of your time!!!

1. Rubber boots will not only repel water, but will hold water.  Yep!  I'm not talking a few drops of water!  I'm talking inches of water.  And so you think to yourself, what and how would some idiot learn that???  Well, that would be me and it would happen when Hubby Honey is TRYING to teach me how to prime the pump that's been placed in the pond to water the yard and gardens.  Let's just say that I had to completely change clothes...and I mean everything...and put my boots on the boot dryer for 24 hours!  
And what did Hubby Honey do? 
As Opie would say..." he just laughed and laughed!" 

2. In a conversation with one of my sisters, I learned that she has become a "commercial" cleaner!
When she first mentioned this I thought she was going to share a new product she'd found.  But, actually, what she's doing is a really good idea. If she's watching something on T.V. she makes herself get up during the commercials and clean, put away, straighten,etc.  As you all know, commercials are long and if you aren't careful you find that you've almost gone into a comma while waiting for them to be over.  Using those minutes to be productive is a really great idea. 

 I'm going to try it...I'll let you know how it works!

" The Boy Who Cried Wolf "

NO!!!!!  This is not a new "suggested reading" page!  
This is how I feel this morning. 

As you can see from the dates, it's been a while between post.  And so.....

I feel like SCREAMING.......!  

If you could see inside my head, you would know that blogs, posting and sewing are (literally) swirling around ALL the time. My family has started telling people to be careful not to leave anything lying around or, "Momma will cut it up and make something" !  I see everything (almost) as a potential new and useful object.  I can't stop myself.  I now carry a small notebook in my purse and can be seen, most anywhere, pulling it out and either leaving myself a note or a sketch of this or that.  I've even stooped to taking pictures, on the sly, with my phone so I don't forget....I know, it's really bad!!

Here's the deal....I want to do everything!  And I want to miss nothing!  So.....!

What to do?

Just like you need to try on those shoes before you purchase them (or you might have to give them to your friend because they ended up being too big...on second thought...I did get free shoes out of that deal) anyway, looks like I need to try a new way to schedule my days.

Schedule...UGH! I really hate to do that. But that may be just the ticket to getting on track with everything.  I'm a list maker and so, I think that, starting this next week, I will make a schedule and do my best to stick with it. 

Hopefully that will work.  If not I will be open to suggestions from you....actually, if you have a better idea already please let me know!  

Schedules are O.K. if you don't forget to ...

Stop...look...listen...notice...and enjoy the beauty and wonderful that surrounds us!