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Recent trip and treasure

Just got back from a trip to NW Arkansas! While there Teresa and I got in some serious treasure hunting time and here's what I scored!

I love wooden boxes and have a collection of them in use in my sewing room! Clip board is a made in the USA and paper came with for .50cents!

Books, plaque and plates...maybe a total of $2.00 here!

I love vintage Christmas. Don't know if these little boot lights even work and don't care. I will find a place to enjoy them during the holiday. I think the little vase will be perfect with long cinnamon sticks inside sitting on the kitchen window sill. 

This entire roll of decorator fabric set me back a whoppin' $12!!!!!  Yipppeeee!

I love this old plant stand! Not planning to use for plants. I'm thinking towels and washcloths on the bathroom counter or some such thing!  $2.00

Thankfully I spied this awesome, wonderful, $2.00 birdhouse before Teresa did!!!! Yes, I am like everyone else and can be totally selfish at times. (I try to keep it at a minimum though)

A piece of double knit fabric for Jill. metal sprinkler for of both...$1.00

5 pairs of black jeans, 2 skirts, 2 Razorback shirts, cap, jacket and fabric....all heading into bags!

4 bags for $3.00! Planning to cut hardware off to use on bags and throw away the rest! But...may have to look closer at the brown's in mint condition and so I may need to use it a while then cut it up! 

Brown and white top for daughter.....50 cents. Blue top for me....50 cents. White sweater and never used bath mitt...$1.50 for two cutie pies I know!

Last but not least....I love this bag! It's a Chico's brand and in pristine condition except....look closely and you will see how one of the straps has come completely UN-woven! Not a problem! I will try to fix it first. If that doesn't work I'll just make a new strap for it! The lady I bought this from was hateful and snotty! A really UN-pleasant person and we walked away feeling sorry for her but "thrilled" for my $2.00 purchase! She claimed she paid $100 for the bag. Maybe she did. I can tell you that if I EVER made that much for a bag and it came UN-done like this I would take it back to the store! Oh well...her loss and my gain!

Had a blast and am looking forward to turning part of my "trash" into true "treasure!

Thanks, dear friend, for the memories that I've added to my growing pile!

The scrapbook...!

If you are a scrapbook fan or have been thinking of becoming one then the following story is for you. Or, maybe you just need a good laugh!

I will try to make this as short as possible but you must have a little background to get the jest of it all. 

There are four daughters in our family. No boys. We grew up with our Dad being a Minister and so we were the..."preacher's daughters"! Moving around from town to town and state to state was a common thing in our home!  No big deal....the more you move the more friends you make!

 Anyway, approximately two years ago sister number two told Mom that she wished she had a "picture" of every home we had ever lived in! And so, true to form for our Mother she proceeds to convince Dad that they need to "travel back in time" to all the places we lived and take pictures of said houses!  I can just see Daddy rolling his eyes, getting in the car and ending up enjoying the journey! Then Mother decides it would be great to "make" each one of us a "scrapbook" with these pictures for Christmas that year. ( How she ever thought she could get that finished in a few short months is beyond me....)

After gathering a ton of scrapbook supplies, (mostly donated to her by our cousin Tammy and Aunt Doris.....thank you, thank you!)  she prepares to get going on these special books. 

Tragedy then strikes and we lose Dad. With hearts grieving and our minds trying to wrap around the fact that Dad has died, Mom tells us the story of the trip for pictures and the books that were to follow. We are shocked, thrilled and excited....


She tells us that we can all work together to make our books!!!  

We are all blessed with talents and so we thought, okay, this will be fun and we can work together and get them made in a day or maybe two!

Ha...a year and a half later we are still working. No one is completely finished and if you were a fly on the wall at Mom's watching us in our little "scrapbook" room area this is what you would see and hear...

I hate this!
Are you finished with those scissors
Where's the chocolate?
I hate you...
Yours is sooooo cute
Where's the chocolate?
Who's big idea was this?
Have you seen the chocolate?
I'm never going to finish
I wish I had done mine like that
I need to start all over
Stupid, stupid cricket machine...
pass the chocolate
I bet my kids end up selling this in a garage sale!!!
Who would want it???
I love this page!
I need chocolate!!!!!

Do I enjoy the scrap-booking? Not so much. What I do love is the time at Mom's spent with "the girls" as we have always and will always be called!

It is truly about the journey and how we live it...thanks Mom!