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Red, Red, Red

You speak and smile to someone, " Hello...How are you?...Pretty dress...Like that tie....Glad to see you..."etc. Just a little nicety that you were raised to do.

We had a woman that worshiped with us who wore a red, liquid leather coat. Back in the late '80's I think. One of my sister's would always tell her how pretty she looked in her red coat. (You never know who pays attention to a nicety)  When the woman passed away, her husband gave that coat to my sister. A kindness passed on!

It was worn a time or two and then saved for another purpose. Here's what that purpose turned out to be.

An awesome and powerful thing!
Be Kind!!!!!! Who just might get a new purse! :) 

Moments and Memories

You remember that TV commercial..."cotton, it's the fabric of our lives"?

Because my primary job is helping with our chicken houses, (we are Broiler Growers for Tyson's), I get a two week "time off period" every eight weeks or so. (My favorite part of the job) That allows me to catch up here at the house or go on a trip. Last week I traveled to Bastrop, LA. (Place of my birth.) Mom and I went to my Aunt Marcile's for several days of catching up and photo looking.

What I want to share with you is our time with the quilting club!

Every Wednesday, at 9:00am, this group of women gather to hand stitch a quilt. They quilt for themselves and for anyone that wants to pay to get their heirloom finished by hand. The money raised is used to send children with cancer to camp in the summer! They take a sack lunch or plan a day of pot luck.

Normally, I don't have a problem with the sin of covetousness. However, I must say that as I sat and enjoyed all I witnessed, I wanted what they have! The day, the place, the time, the people. It was awesome.

My Mom is the one on the right side with her knitting. They offered for her to quilt but she declined. She felt it had been too many years and her stitches might not suffice the scrutiny of such a group of experts!

Look at the detailed work in this Calendar quilt. Each month meticulously hand appliqued.

You notice all of the tubs organized on the walls? Their "place of quilting" is the "barn" of the homeowner. It was her husbands work shop and when he died she converted it into a crafting/quilting spot. She decorates her entire house for every holiday and these tubs hold her collections. I have to tell you that I just kept walking around with my mouth hanging open at the stuff! The antiques and treasures she has are just jaw dropping! And the organization is a story all by itself!
This is my Aunt Marcile! She is eighty-five years young and still going strong! Her husband was my Dad's brother. We have always been especially close to her and her family and it is always a joy to go spend time at her house.So many of my special memories involve her!

What did I do that day? 

The best thing of all. I sat in the middle. Between two quilts. Between two groups of women. All with years of lifetime experiences. And I listened, to the beautiful hum of voices. I heard tales of everything from gout to cooking, children, Grand-children, who went to school with whom, where and when. I heard their voices and voices from the past. Women that are no longer with them in body but in spirit.

It was an awesome day and I am so very thankful for it! 


Is 75 the new 50?

As a lot of you know, my Dad died two years ago this past Thanksgiving. He and Mom lived on a small farm west of town.  That place was his pride and joy and he loved being outside, working on the fence, messing with the cows, raising a garden. Doing any of those "honey do" things Mom had lined out. After Dad died, Mom told us girls..." My life will be different now, but I will have a happy life."

My Mother has always been a hard worker. The women in her family just do that. If it needs to be done....figure out a way and get it done.

Because I have a job that allows me to be at home most of the time, I am privileged to be able to help her now and then. And so, when she decided that "we" (she and me) were going to take down and replace the fence that runs along the front pasture, I just said, "yes mam". 

The first day we worked it was still Christmas break and so my sister, Lisa, came over to help and also provided a terrific lunch. (We ate like ranch hands too). That first day we took down and replaced 160' of fence! Whew!

Work day number two was me and Mom. We worked our way across the creek and got one panel up on the "other side".
Mom on her tractor

Mom, taking down old fence!
We finally made it to the other side of the creek

Fencing across the creek
Tiny bloom despite the fact it's January and cold
Proper foot wear   
Mom turned 75 December 5,2013. Think you need to plan on slowing as you age. Ha....if you don't use it you lose it! My Mom is living proof that this statement is so true!

When I asked her if she thought we were putting it up right, her reply was..."doesn't matter, we'll just do it our way! And we did. 

Because Monday is a holiday and all the gang is off work, we will gather and get it finished in time for her spring calves to be delivered!
(hope they don't push on our fence too hard!)