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Brag Time

Just as with taking a little whine time when blogging, I think we all should get in a little brag time. Especially when the subject is children (or hopefully,someday,Grand-children)!

So, I want to show you what my talented daughter has made.

Remember, in a previous post, I shared with you that the dogs confiscated her Christmas gift to try their paws at knitting. They can practice all day long and never make anything this cute...

I'm hoping for a sweater someday!
Oh..and socks, maybe a vest, a scarf and let me see....


Have you heard?

The Department of Labor has decided that we now need regulations for all children who work on "FAMILY" farms!

NO!  It's not a joke.  It might be too cold, hot, hard, you name it. And, they also want to stop FFA, 4-H and other such clubs that might require some labor.

And so...I am faced with a dilemma! 

First of all, both my children are grown and no longer live with me so I can't "force" them to help out on the farm.  (It's a good thing we got ours raised into hard working, productive adults before the government realized what we were up too!)

So...who can I get to help me now?
Well...Hubby Honey is at work and that just leaves me and Rae!
Am teaching her to help with the mowing!
When she gets this mastered I think we'll move on to helping in the chicken houses!

Future Mowers of America

Shhhhhh......if you know someone in government....please don't tell! 

Friends, Bags and Trips

I have a friend!

An old friend! (well...she's younger than me by two years but we've been friends foreverrrrrrrrrr)

This friend is going on a trip!

And X marks the spot.

She loves hot tea...

old books, antiques, and recycled, re-purposed items !

Her dining room wall is red and in the center hangs an old map.  Her yard is always full of flowers in the spring and summer.

All that's left...

 Is the packing of the bag to be done and the boarding of the plane to commence!

Couldn't make out where the X was????

New York City!

Yipee!  The best part is that her oldest son lives there and she hasn't seen him since last summer.  She and her Hubby get to take an extended trip to see him and he will act as tour guide.  What fun they will have!  She has promised to eat for me too when she goes...hmmmm...well, maybe not at every meal.  Just those really, yummy ones that she's knows I would love too! 

 No animals were harmed in the making of this bag...
Just a little C.K.

3 1/2 hours and counting...

Sometime in our life we all have to do things that make us uncomfortable! 

 In 3&1/2 hours one of those times will be here for me.  Tonight is the Gala for our local Hospital Foundation.  We have a wonderful, new hospital here in town and it's been accomplished in large part through the work and support of the foundation. I'm all for supporting the Foundation.  I just wish we were going to a BBQ instead!  Much more my speed.

Anyway,  I have gathered, borrowed and bought everything I need to try and not shame Hubby Honey with my appearance. However, I need something to hold in my hands as we mill about and so, I made myself a "little black bag" and I thought you might like to see!

I've had this jacket for at least 12 yrs now and so I think the sacrifice was appropriate.
Yes...these pictures are graphic, so if you get queasy at the sight of what would seem to be a perfectly good garment being cut up and re-purposed then skip to the bottom of the page!

And so now the count down is at 3hrs and 20 minutes.......

When I see an invitation that says Valet Parking and Black Tie Optional....

well, I'll just be glad when it's over!  But, I will put on my "happy faaaaaaaaace" and try to look the part!

Pin it!

I love a magnetic pin "cushion"/"grabber".
Until this happens...
But, if you think outside the box...
You will take the really cute tray your friend gave you (thank you Cindy) and the magnet from the broken "grabber" and ...
Cuter and a lot more fun!
I love "outside the box" things!


When you begin to think yourself...






and just all around awesome...


cause this is what you get...



Well..."it" was today!

And it made me so happy!

 What is it ????

Sack Sale at our local thrift store!!!  I've told you before that I love sack sale!  Today I went with a specific need in mind and came home with a new treasure that cost me a whoppin' eighteen cents!!!!  I don't know about you but it's not everyday that happens!  It's just beautiful, sparkles in the light and will hold something fun and/or pretty.  After moving it from place to place I finally put it on the buffet beside another one of similar shape and style.  I'm thinking this may be the beginning of a collection!  I have three and I think that three might be the number you need to consider something a collection.  Works for me anyway!


Oh!  You want to see?

Don't you just love it!  It's just 4 1/2" tall and 5" in circumference.

Did I need it?

Well...I really don't think I have to answer that. 

Could you have left it sitting there all dirty and unwanted?  

I should think not!