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Stuff and Storage


Too much Stuff?
Not enough Storage?

After a recent, fast, trip to see BFF in TN. I came home with items found while treasure hunting.  I've told you before how much I love this form of entertainment. I have yet to find that one in a million, now I'm rich item, but I sure do love the hunt. However, now I'm trying to find a "place" for the treasures found and hauled home. Hence the I have too much stuff or did we fail to build the proper amount of storage in our house. ( hold on...I'm going to do a quick count of cabinets and drawers)...Uh Oh!  Shhhhhhhh....don't mention this to Hubby Honey....we have 135 cabinets and drawers! This does not include closets!

Well...I'm still not sure what the answer is.

Here's the must haves from this trip...

  • 5 new pieces of Pyrex to add to collection (yes, I'm using it to cook with)
  • old, excellent condition, handmade wooden stool
  • wire so cute
  • books
  • an old dresser mirror
  • turkey platter...only a tiny chip and just perfect for Thanksgiving
  • covered glass candy dish
  • flat, divided, fruit dish
  • 2 large, oval picture frames
  • clothing that will be re-purposed to wear or use for bag making
  • old mixing bowls
This is all I can think of off the top of my head. I feel like I'm leaving some things out.  Will wander around the house and take pictures soon so that you can better appreciate (and agree with me) that some "treasure" is just meant to be brought home!!!!!

I'm thinking the answer is; Not enough Storage!!!!

What say you?

Once again...

Life Changes.

On a daily basis our lives change.  In most ways these changes are so small we don't give notice.  Then along comes a big change and "boom" everything is different. About fifteen months ago I shared with you that my husbands brother was diagnosed with cancer.  He lost that fight on April 3rd.

Life Changes!

On a daily basis our lives change.
Give notice to the small, so you will be prepared to handle the big!