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Spring has sprung up over night here. Or so it seems! Everything is turning green, pink, yellow, lavender and sky blue! I know that winter will (probably) raise it's cold head another time or two but while it's here, the warm weather is awesome! I want to talk to you about all the sweet baby calves in the pasture, my new granddaughter who turned six months old yesterday, the jonquils that grow everywhere in my country neighborhood. But, I think I'm going to go with fabric instead!

Samples! Lots and lots and lots of samples! I love discontinued fabric samples that are bound for the trash!

I can do this with them! 
With more details to follow I wanted to share that I have been invited to be the bag vendor at this years Arkansas Fiber Festival in Hot Springs in September! I am beyond thrilled to be asked and can't wait! I hope to turn this...
into a booth full of bags of all shapes, colors and sizes! I look forward to seeing you there!