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My room, My space, My stuff

Just wanted to share an up-date on my sewing room.  As you know from previous post, I consider this to be my room! My space!

Well sure.....Hubby Honey can go in know, to iron, do laundry, etc! HA!

Anyway. It had gotten disorganized and cluttered once again and needed some cleaning and sprucing up!

Out comes the pushpins and an old Suzy Toronto 2011 calendar.  My sister-in-law began giving me these calendars in 2011 and I love them! Of all the gifts she has given me these are among my favorite and I look forward each year to the new one! ( Thanks again Lisa). They are great calendars and a lot of fun to have and read. So, I save mine. I took this one apart and began to "paper" some of the blank sections of wall space in my sewing room!

I'm sure that if a Design Diva came into my room her eyes would bug out! She would be aghast at the "not so technical" way of decorating and the "pushpin way" of hanging art!!!!

Point is...who cares?
I don't!
Once again, "My room, My space, My stuff" !

And it makes very happy!

If you have a room or space that's yours..."make yourself happy"!