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A few months back I shared with you about the death of my cousin Andy.  I showed you how that I had taken some of his jeans and made a weekender bag for my Aunt.  If you read that post, then you know that Andy was a fireman with the Monroe, LA Fire Dept. and was loved by family and friends alike. In this post I want you to see the quilt tops I made using his shirts.  Each of his children picked out their favorite shirts that held special memories of their Dad.  The tops are now being quilted by a very special group of women who use the proceeds to send children to camp in the summer.
Logan's Quilt
This is the quote from Andy that is on his tombstone!
AnnaKate's Quilt
I took the leftovers and made a bag for his wife, Tammy
Inside of the bag is Andy's jeans!

We don't need tangible items to help us remember those we love. However, I believe that on a cold night, snuggling under a quilt made from shirts he wore, his love for them will be felt and brought closer in bright, vivid memory to have and hold forever!