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If laughter is the best medicine, you are about to be cured of all ailments, large and small!

TN BFF is here!  Having a blast... yack, yack, yacking and finding treasures at garage sales and the famous thrift store in town.  So, this afternoon she leaves me at home slaving over the sewing machine and keeping an eye on big chickens and goes to a sale without me.  Rude? I know...and she finds clothes, all clothes, priced $1...yes...$1!  So, she brings home her treasures and even bought me some...makes up for the being left behind.  Anyway, as soon as possible, we jump in the car and head back so that I can find treasures.

And I do. 

Chico's!'ve seen those commercials and may have even gone into a store and me!  Way out of my price range and there I was, finding Chico garments for $1!  I had hit the mother load. Would they fit me?  No...but I was buying them to cut up for a new skirt project so size didn't matter.

Come home, am washing said clothes so that I can make the new skirt tonight to wear tomorrow...I's so fun!  As I'm looking at the tags and putting things in the washer I realize...and I die laughing...I'm talking the   "oh...I'm gonna wet my pants "  laughter.

Did you know that the word CHICO  means SMALL in Spanish?