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From trash...

to a weekender bag for my Mom!

Isn't it amazing what can be made from...

old jeans...

The lining was made from an old skort that I found during "  sack" sale at our local thrift shop. I love those sack sales! Think I'm becoming a tad obsessed. My calendar is marked with the dates and I hesitate to tell you when the next one is coming up for fear of having you get that treasure before I do!  

If I start shoving the people who are ahead of me in line...then I'll start to worry!

Until then...I'll just keep marking the date!

Like a Good Neighbor!

Picture this…two old, out of shape, fat people…(husband and wife) go to feed and check cows for their son who is out of town.  The wife noticed earlier in the day that two of the cows have had new babies.  When new babies are born they receive a pretty orange tag in their left ear that matches the numbered tag that their Mother has. This really needs to be done asap if at all possible! 

Well…the son will not return until Sunday, so the old fat couple must perform this task. While feeding, the wife observes that the two, very selfish and uncaring, Mother’s have abandoned their babies for food.  The decision is made to hurry and locate the babies and get them tagged while Mother’s are away.  How to tell which is which?  Thankfully, the wife is nosy…I mean observant…and she knows that the calf born first is larger than the second one.  And she was very clever to remember which Momma was which and what their number was…so they find baby number one.  Husband gets the ear tag ready and tells wife to “sneak up on baby and catch it…”Hmmmmm….okay, well…she is unsure of exactly how to do this. Having waited too long to leap, the husband dives on baby and catches it and the wife stands in back and hollers ‘” what do I do?” He replies…” get on it, get on it”…well…I must say that when she “ got on” that poor baby expelled the biggest whoosh of air…poor thing, I know he already wishes he’d never been born.  As they were tagging the calf, the wife happened to look to her left and what does she see?  This big, black momma cow was running…and I mean Forrest Gump,  runnnnning, right for them.  Just before she got to them she caught sight of the dog and decides to go after it instead…whew! Turns out that this wasn’t even the Mother of the new baby.  Apparently this “woman” had been left in charge of the children and had abandoned her post for food. ( I’m sure that’s the last time she gets asked to babysit) 

Now, on to baby number two. 
“Where is it?” ask the husband.  Well, nosy, oh yea, I mean observant wife, points to where she last saw mother and child.  They find the baby…this baby gets tagged without mishap because the Mother, it looks like, may turn out to be an unfit parent.  The wife has noticed her being very neglectful of her new baby all day.  There have been no signs of “oh…come see!  He looks just like his Daddy!  He has his mothers feet! I was in labor for…”. After the baby was tagged and let go, he decided to “RUNNOFT” (Oh Brother Where Art Thou”!!!!) Anyway…back to my story! Well…he heads for the woods that are in front of the couples house.  Goes down the steep hill and halfway back up the other side and lays down and is “ very, very, quiet”.  Husband goes one way, wife another and the deaf dog comes along to help.  Please keep in mind that it is cold, wet and very physical…remember to, the words at the beginning of this story…old, out of shape and fat!!!! 

Okay…am running out of time and must cut to the chase…yes, it was a chase. Down the hill…up the hill…under the fence…across the road…under another fence…in the neighbors pasture…back under the fence…back down the hill…up the hill…across the water…through the thicket and briers…across the snow covered hill to the pond…

Now, you must understand that the husband is hollering instructions AT the wife,  wife is cussing the Mother of said baby, and threatening her with a call to DHS and wife is hollering at DEAF dog…(a lot of good that did)! This chase took about the span of one hour! 

Moral to the careful of offering to watch your neighbors cows! 

You may get more than you bargain for! 


About two days after my last post some sort of illness wafted into my house! 

I got sick and I do mean sick!  

I'm talking...
don't touch me...
don't talk to me...
please leave me alone...
I think I'm pregnant...Whew! that hysterectomy and my fifty-three years finally convinced me it wasn't so!

It lasted for five weeks!!

It was awful!

However...the way I felt wasn't the worst part.

Hubby Honey got sick at the same time!

Now, I love my husband.  I enjoy him and his company and he makes me laugh more than any comedian I've ever seen. We have been married for 35 years and I hope we have 35 more!

But...I can tell you that if we ever get sick again at the same time...well, one of us will have to go!

If I ran fever, he wanted me to feel his brow, he thought it felt hot too!  If  I coughed, he coughed!  If my comment was " I feel awful" he felt worse!  I kid you not...I was beginning to think we had a "who's the sickest" contest going.  On one of the toughest days I told my daughter " if your Daddy moans one more will become fatherless"!!  The only thing I never heard him say was that he felt pregnant!!  

I can't tell you how happy I am to see the sunshine, flowers popping up and spring just around the corner!'s a few weeks late...but, Happy New Year to you and Happy Wellness to me!