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Unexpected treasure !

If you've spent any time at all reading this blog you know that I love treasure.  You also know that I consider some things treasure that others would consider trash!  

 Collecting is fun as long as you don't let it get out of hand.  One thing that I seem to have started collecting is dictionaries!  I have spell check (thankfully) but I reach for my dictionary first!  Why?  I love books!

  All these new E readers that everyone raves over....nope....not me!  I know that we should never say never but this is one time that you can bet and take the money to the bank. I will never be an E reader person!  I want the touch of turning the pages, the feel of the book, the smell, everything that does not come with an E reader. And, you don't find unexpected treasure tucked inside and E reader.

While looking up a word in my favorite, old, dictionary I found the following tucked inside...

I know you can't understand why I consider this treasure. Here's the thing, the calendar is 1975!  The year Hubby and I got married.  This little piece of paper has been safely tucked away for 37 years and has not a yellow spot, nor tear.  All the holidays from that year are circled in red.  Memories!  Of what I was doing that year.  Simple, not a money maker, but a treasure just the same!

Would it be awesome to find a treasure that was worth gazillions????? Sure!  However, that more than likely will not happen and so I will continue to be content with, and keep watching for, and recognize....unexpected treasure!