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Bags, Integrity and Pellon

I want each bag I make to be unique, cute, useful and long lasting! Over the course of time I've tried different interfacing products and settled in with Pellon #809 as my favorite!  I love this product and have never had any problems with it. Until, the holiday rush, crunch time and two more bags to make.  I started on a new bolt of interfacing and it was a bad bolt. (Actually...17 yrds...bought from Hancocks...almost a full bolt) Nothing I could do would get it to adhere to the fabric properly. I had to halt bag production....not a happy camper here!!!!!  I was so frustrated, aggravated, and just plain mad!  I'm over a one hour drive to the Hancocks that the purchase came from and I've never had really good experiences with their return policies. So....I pondered and then pondered some more on what to do.

Finally....AH HA!  I will do what my younger sister always the Pellon Company and complain....what's it going to hurt!  Turns helped! A LOT!  The woman I spoke to, Michelle, was so very nice and helpful. Asked me a few questions, took information and mailed me a brand new bolt of Pellon.  Not the 17 yards I bought, but a full 25 yard bolt! And it works...GREAT!  So happy to be back in business.  Thank you Pellon for standing behind your product and taking care of your customers.

I continue to love my hobby and how about a cheer for ...
" Pellon, old clothes, vintage fabric and the people who consider some things trash"!