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Free style

I realized something about myself today.  I enjoy making these bags because I get to use what I call "freestyle sewing" know, just take your scissors and whack, whack...!!  Hubby asked me yesterday if I was still "having fun" while cutting out a bag and I answered back with, "Yes! Wish this was all I had to do"! Just skip the chickens, cleaning, cooking,etc. and sew!

Here's what today's sewing turned out.  (patient with pictures please) (there are a few)

Jacket Mom bought for me at a garage sale. Turn the front sideways, add fabric &
You have a really cute pocket
This little pocket was one of the front side pockets on the at top of bag
Another Jacket. This one bought at thrift store sack sale!
Whack, Whack!
Gray jeans to use for lining.
It's a bag....a really cute, "freestyle sewn" bag!  Don't you just love it!
That little pocket!
Other jacket....made a perfect pocket for the back
Just love my new tags
Pockets for the inside are made from a skirt I bought at a garage sale in NW Arkansas for $1.
Turned out to be really cute. Linen and fully lined, so I wore it all last summer before retiring it to the sewing stash cabinet. ( I wonder how much each of the times I wore it cost me...maybe .10)

Maybe I should call Taylor Swift and talk to her....I bet there's a country song in here somewhere... 

scissors, freestylin, sewing, chickens and cleaning...Oh! Yea!