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Four little words

There are four words that my Hubby Honey hates to hear.  He says that they make him "just draw up and shake"!  Ha! 

What are they?

"Honey...I've been thinking"!

These words are usually followed by;
I need, could you, do you think, I want you to, please build, re-do, make me, etc.

We've been needing bar stools. They're not cheap. And so....I started thinking!  We had old, handmade stools at the shop that his Mom designed and his Dad made years ago. We had already used them before but they had issues. The seats are made from old tractor seats. Which is cool except that they tilted just enough to the front to make you want to slide forward. Not fun to sit in if you are constantly pushing your self back. I had asked for repairs to be made long ago, back in the day. Answer to that question was..."no"! And so we stopped using them and stored them away. 

It's amazing what you can do when motivated by saving cold, hard, cash!

After $20 in paint, new stoppers for the legs, time spent fixing the seats.

I think they are lovely. And I realized today....

We use Fiesta dishes. All those pretty colors! I love it.

And so...what do I have to say now?
"Honey....I've been thinking...."

Orange and Black

I've told you before that I have sisters. Three to be exact. Two school teachers and a nurse. 

One can help me if I'm wounded, one can proof read my writing and the least in age can add a row of numbers for me.  All three are better cooks than me. ( I can cook, it's just not my favorite thing to do) Sometimes, if I'm not careful, I'll start to feel a little inferior to all their talents and smarts. But, occasionally they need a talent that I have. And I love to be able to help! The following is a creation for the youngest sister! Our homecoming at school is this week and today was Orange & Black day! She brought over a collection of their Scrapper T's and here's what came of them!
 From what I hear she was a huge success today! Fun, fun, fun! Truly a one of a kind. 

I wish I could tell you that I'm the only sister that sews. I can't. My nurse sister sews like a dream. Has won contest more times than I can count. She's our "do it all" sister. Deer slayer, carpenter, knitter, crocheter, seamstress, cook and on and on and on....Oh...and she's our "skinny and can eat anything" sister. It's a good thing we love her or else....


It's another girl

You make a casual comment.  (maybe more than once or twice)
You think Hubby doesn't really listen or pay attention.
You think maybe someday.

I recently learned that Hubby does listen (sometimes) !
I also learned that someday is now!

My comment?
" I want the next dog I get to be a German Shepherd. I want a dog that will bark and protect. Not one that just wants to lick everybody that comes along."

I have a birthday this month and look what I got...

 She is not a German Shepherd. She is a Belgian Malinois. Her Grandfather is our local K-9 unit drug dog. Her breed is in the top ten list of smartest dogs. They are very family oriented and very protective of them. She will take a lot of exercise and work which will be good for me too!
And so now at our house you will hear...
Hey Girl
Good Girl
Pretty Girl
Big Girl
Sweet Girl
Come Girl
No Girl
Stop Girl
Bad Girl
Back Girl
Momma's Girl
And what did I name her??????