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My room, My space, My stuff

Just wanted to share an up-date on my sewing room.  As you know from previous post, I consider this to be my room! My space!

Well sure.....Hubby Honey can go in know, to iron, do laundry, etc! HA!

Anyway. It had gotten disorganized and cluttered once again and needed some cleaning and sprucing up!

Out comes the pushpins and an old Suzy Toronto 2011 calendar.  My sister-in-law began giving me these calendars in 2011 and I love them! Of all the gifts she has given me these are among my favorite and I look forward each year to the new one! ( Thanks again Lisa). They are great calendars and a lot of fun to have and read. So, I save mine. I took this one apart and began to "paper" some of the blank sections of wall space in my sewing room!

I'm sure that if a Design Diva came into my room her eyes would bug out! She would be aghast at the "not so technical" way of decorating and the "pushpin way" of hanging art!!!!

Point is...who cares?
I don't!
Once again, "My room, My space, My stuff" !

And it makes very happy!

If you have a room or space that's yours..."make yourself happy"!

Bags, Integrity and Pellon

I want each bag I make to be unique, cute, useful and long lasting! Over the course of time I've tried different interfacing products and settled in with Pellon #809 as my favorite!  I love this product and have never had any problems with it. Until, the holiday rush, crunch time and two more bags to make.  I started on a new bolt of interfacing and it was a bad bolt. (Actually...17 yrds...bought from Hancocks...almost a full bolt) Nothing I could do would get it to adhere to the fabric properly. I had to halt bag production....not a happy camper here!!!!!  I was so frustrated, aggravated, and just plain mad!  I'm over a one hour drive to the Hancocks that the purchase came from and I've never had really good experiences with their return policies. So....I pondered and then pondered some more on what to do.

Finally....AH HA!  I will do what my younger sister always the Pellon Company and complain....what's it going to hurt!  Turns helped! A LOT!  The woman I spoke to, Michelle, was so very nice and helpful. Asked me a few questions, took information and mailed me a brand new bolt of Pellon.  Not the 17 yards I bought, but a full 25 yard bolt! And it works...GREAT!  So happy to be back in business.  Thank you Pellon for standing behind your product and taking care of your customers.

I continue to love my hobby and how about a cheer for ...
" Pellon, old clothes, vintage fabric and the people who consider some things trash"!


P.J.'s and chickens

As you know from previously shared info, we raise chickens on our farm and that is my primary "job" as Farm Tech!  Such an important sounding, fancy-smanshee job title.  Sounds much better than, "dead chicken picker- upper"!!!! Of course there is more to the job than that and it is important to do all I can to help raise a chicken that will bring in the most income for us.  Do I love it?  Well....I don't hate it!  Does that count for love...I don't think so.  But, here's what I do love about the job.

Here I sit, at 9:10a.m. in my P.J.'s watching it snow and sleet outside.  Do I have to go to the chicken house? Yes....When?...Whenever I get ready!!!!  Being a farmer is a 24/7 job. It is not normally a full days work though.  It can be and I've had my fair share of those.  Which is why, on days when it's 28 degrees outside and we are under a winter storm warning, I get to drink an extra cup of coffee, visit with a friend on the phone, think about what I might want to accomplish with my day or just sit a bit and watch it snow! 

So do I love my job? least sometimes!

I think sometimes about changing jobs.  Maybe one that's not so dirty, smelly and just plain gross at times.  But when I think of the hours and I would have to keep, a boss (other than Hubby Honey) and everything else involved, it doesn't take me long to be thankful for the smell and the gross and lack of salary and say "Hello!!!!" to slow mornings, talks with friends and watching it snow!

Days, days and more days

When days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months and you are caught not doing a task that you know you should, what do you do?

Make excuses, reason with yourself and others, convince yourself it doesn't matter?

All of the above? task is to blog and now comes the excuse, except I really don't have a good one!  Yes, I was really very busy for several weeks.  Sewing and more sewing from the first of November up and until Christmas and then the holiday time spent with family and then the crash time that comes after the holiday time!!!!! Whew!!!!

Now is when I am supposed to promise you and myself that I won't do it again.....Ha!  That's like me promising no more chocolate and that for sure isn't happening.  And so, I ask you to bear through the drought times and enjoy the times of plenty and harvest!

Our holiday was a good one!  Southwest Arkansas was surprised with a six inch snowfall that began Christmas day afternoon and lasted for several days!

This is what it looked like the next day!  These pictures were taken out at my parents cabin.  What a lovely way to end the holiday together!

My New Years wish for you and for myself is that we will open our eyes and really "see" the blessings each day contains!