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Not welcome here...

Have you ever had someone come to your door and you think...

UGH!  Go way!  I don't want you!

It doesn't happen to me often but on occasion I have felt this way.  Because we have an outside dog,  I count on her to give me a shout out when one of these occasions is taking place.  And she did just that this past Saturday.  Not being a "barker" when Rae started having a barking fit I knew someone or something wasn't right. (never go investigate a dogs bark in flip flops) 

We had company!

And so, I did what anyone else would do....hollered, did a little jump dance, screamed snake, snake and ran inside to Hubby Honey.  He shoots said snake and throws it over the pasture fence!  Whew!  He tells me it was, "just an old water snake". Ha!

 It was a snake. In my mind a snakes a snake and that makes them unwelcome company!