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Recent trip and treasure

Just got back from a trip to NW Arkansas! While there Teresa and I got in some serious treasure hunting time and here's what I scored!

I love wooden boxes and have a collection of them in use in my sewing room! Clip board is a made in the USA and paper came with for .50cents!

Books, plaque and plates...maybe a total of $2.00 here!

I love vintage Christmas. Don't know if these little boot lights even work and don't care. I will find a place to enjoy them during the holiday. I think the little vase will be perfect with long cinnamon sticks inside sitting on the kitchen window sill. 

This entire roll of decorator fabric set me back a whoppin' $12!!!!!  Yipppeeee!

I love this old plant stand! Not planning to use for plants. I'm thinking towels and washcloths on the bathroom counter or some such thing!  $2.00

Thankfully I spied this awesome, wonderful, $2.00 birdhouse before Teresa did!!!! Yes, I am like everyone else and can be totally selfish at times. (I try to keep it at a minimum though)

A piece of double knit fabric for Jill. metal sprinkler for of both...$1.00

5 pairs of black jeans, 2 skirts, 2 Razorback shirts, cap, jacket and fabric....all heading into bags!

4 bags for $3.00! Planning to cut hardware off to use on bags and throw away the rest! But...may have to look closer at the brown's in mint condition and so I may need to use it a while then cut it up! 

Brown and white top for daughter.....50 cents. Blue top for me....50 cents. White sweater and never used bath mitt...$1.50 for two cutie pies I know!

Last but not least....I love this bag! It's a Chico's brand and in pristine condition except....look closely and you will see how one of the straps has come completely UN-woven! Not a problem! I will try to fix it first. If that doesn't work I'll just make a new strap for it! The lady I bought this from was hateful and snotty! A really UN-pleasant person and we walked away feeling sorry for her but "thrilled" for my $2.00 purchase! She claimed she paid $100 for the bag. Maybe she did. I can tell you that if I EVER made that much for a bag and it came UN-done like this I would take it back to the store! Oh well...her loss and my gain!

Had a blast and am looking forward to turning part of my "trash" into true "treasure!

Thanks, dear friend, for the memories that I've added to my growing pile!