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Here are  some of the bags that I've done during the last few weeks.
Can you guess which one was done for me...?

Is it # 1, #3, or maybe...#5?

Drum roll please....................................................................

It's number...none!
Yep, that's right, after, I don't even know for sure how many, bags...I don't have one!  Well...I do have the original bag made from Hubby Honey's jacket that I wag everywhere and love, but I do not have a weekender or a tote of any kind.  I have a trip planned in two weeks and I will be taking something from a, shhhhhhhhh, "store"...UGH!  

I guess it's like the plumber who has a leaky faucet or the carpenter who's house is half finished. 

Maybe, someday, who knows????

It's a Girl!

Oh! thought I meant...Oh...not yet!
And besides, when a grand-baby heads into this family, trust me, I won't need a computer to announce it to the world! You'll hear me screaming without the aide of any man made device!

Thanks to my brilliant and very talented Hubby Honey I now have my very own...

 Pink Bag Lady!
 I needed a place to hang the bags I make while waiting to deliver them to the storeSo, I thought to myself, "Self...if you ask just right...Hubby Honey might would weld you a stand" !

I asked just right...and got a Hubby designed,

... new companion!  She'll hold my bags, listen to my ideas, keep all my secrets under her hat, and just be an all around perfect...

Bag Lady!


                           Purple Petunia Eater...

Here she is in living color.  I know that you can see the lack of green grass on our ground.  Our area is famous for growing really pretty, high quality, abundant rocks! Mixed in with the rocks we, usually, have grass.  This has been a summer of no rain and high heat (113) which means no grass!

These conditions will cause a girl to commit the unpardonable to continue to feed her child!

When you look at it like that...who can blame her! 

Aren't Mother's always supposed to take care of their children? 

Something, from not much...

What do you do when you have a tiny, 8x12, room, no money in the decorating budget and you really want to change things up?


you sweet talk, con, cajole...whatever it takes, Honey Hubby into sharing his stash of old shelving that's gathering dust in the attic at the shop...


you paint and place...

then, you get your BFF to come for a visit

and you have

TA DA....

A beautiful, cozy, warm, fun, full of memories, place to curl up with a book or visit with a friend on the phone, or if you should really be blessed...they are in the chair across from you!

I love my room and it's cubbies!

Thank you Hubby Honey and Teresa!

Do you know?

Cows love to eat!

Purple Wave Petunias
Fig bush
Tomato plants
Lemon Balm
Mandevilla...esp. the white blooms...pure bliss!

Where's the gun?

I love steak!