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keep; kept,
          2. to take care of, (a) to protect; guard; defend; (b) to look after; watch over; tend; (c) to raise; (d) to maintain in good order or condition; to preserve;

I realized today that I've become an expert keeper!

At what you ask?


I obviously have been maintaining the perfect household environment that has allowed me to become quite good at this. You don't have to worry about spoilage, due to the temperature. It can be cold, cool, hot, sunny, calm, windy, windows open, windows closed, live in a house full of people or an empty nest...and still maintain a level of  " dirt" !  And you will never have to worry about anyone taking it away from you! "dirt stealing" going on in my neck of the woods.

So...I'm safe!  I can always have any amount of dirt I  want!

Your jealous...I know you are...admit it!

You want to know how I became an expert?  Oh!  That's the easy part...

Just stay busy doing other things and look the other way!