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Have any?  A lot?  A little?  Just the right amount...whatever that is?

I have on my mind this morning the cost of items we either want to purchase or sell.  You make a decision in either much money am I willing to pay or how much money do I want to make!

As a seamstress, I am faced with the question, How much?

" OH!  I LOVE much is it?'' answer is given and then you get "OH! Okay!''  see 'ya!

If you are looking at a product that has been handmade, it's ONE of a kind, the quality is EXCELLENT;

then count the cost...





All of the above factors into the cost of an item.  Just the minimum time that I have in a weekender travel bag that I'm making now is 11-15 hours!  To make each bag unique takes time.  To give it the quality you want and deserve takes time.

If you want the same thing that everyone else has and you want it cheap...

Shop WalMart!