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I'm lucky in lot's of ways...but this isn't about me.

I wanted to give something special to a couple who had their first child last spring!

After getting old jeans of the Dad's and a tie that belonged to a Grandfather who didn't live to see this child, Lucky was created!

Looks like Dad really liked these jeans!

Made to be loved and tough enough to be drug around!
Something old...something new!


Just a small reminder that the best things in life are free!

Just take a walk and keep your eyes open!

Happy Thanksgiving... from me to you!



Those of you who know me well might think this post is about my age. It's not!

While working on a small re-modeling project we needed to empty one end of our bedroom closet. Just so happened it was Hubby Honey's end.  I didn't notice, in the emptying, just during the putting back process, the number of caps that came off the shelf.

I counted...fifty-three!  

Now...last time I only wear one cap at a time.  And, I might also note that it takes a lot of wear and tear to need a new cap!  I have come to the conclusion that I married a "cap obsessive" person.  Should I be afraid?  He doesn't seem abnormal...most of the time...only when I suggest that maybe we need to "discard" some caps.  Then...oh boy...step back!  Really!  You'd think those stupid caps were worth money or something.

I'm here to tell you that you're lucky to get 50 cents for one at a garage sale!

How do I know that?  Oh well...let's see...!!!!!

If you're married to the same kind of cap lover that I am...all I can say is...

life expectancy on caps is "forever"...but, they keep really well in the attic in garbage bags until the opportunity to sneak them out arrives!

Have you ever??

Okay!  I've heard the expression..."how the cow ate the cabbage"!  Not entirely sure what it means and really, at this point...don't care!

Because... they didn't eat my cabbage!!!

My neighbors cows broke through the fence and decimated my little patch of " lovely, yummy" kale!!

I must confess to you that I wanted to "kill me" some cows!

But...two things have prevented that.  

First...and probably most important...I gave birth to my neighbor some 29 years ago and I believe that killing his cows as punishment would, most likely, get me NO nursing home!

Second...when you compare the price of kale to the price of cows...well! 

You may wonder why the kale patch has "runner poles" in it when everyone knows kale is a low grower! 

Well...that's my..." you stupid dogs better not lay or dig in here" preventive! works!

Just not on cows!!!

Need I say more?