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I know an artist!

A true artist!

You of those people who can take pen, pencil, paint and paper and make beautiful pictures!

This artist friend drew my logo for me.  I called her and said  " I have this in my head  "  and she put it to paper...perfectly!

And so to say thank you I wanted to return the favor...but, I didn't think she would have much use for anything I would draw...


I may not be able to draw or paint


With old clothing, a set of old curtains,
a western shirt from my thrift store stash
and a piece of vintage fabric...

I'm an artist!

I started with a pair of shorts her hubby wore when
they married and jeans she had saved that her boys wore as small children.


 All the denim in this bag came from those three items only. 


You will see paint,

worn spots and mending...

proof that they were worn and loved.



Useful and Fun!



Diane,  I hope you enjoy using your bag as much as I enjoyed making it for you.  Without your talent, I would not have my lovely dumpster diver. She is perfect in every way and exactly what I wanted...thank you so much!


As  I was driving to the chicken houses to work one day recently this was the scene at the top of the hill and I had to stop and stand in awe of the sight!  I don't mind my work and I've challenged myself to get better at it.  However, I never wake up and think...Oh Boy, I get to go to the chicken houses this morning...can't wait!  Nope, not once have I said that to myself.  But, look what I see as I drive over. 

God gave us beauty, stop and see it!


If laughter is the best medicine, you are about to be cured of all ailments, large and small!

TN BFF is here!  Having a blast... yack, yack, yacking and finding treasures at garage sales and the famous thrift store in town.  So, this afternoon she leaves me at home slaving over the sewing machine and keeping an eye on big chickens and goes to a sale without me.  Rude? I know...and she finds clothes, all clothes, priced $1...yes...$1!  So, she brings home her treasures and even bought me some...makes up for the being left behind.  Anyway, as soon as possible, we jump in the car and head back so that I can find treasures.

And I do. 

Chico's!'ve seen those commercials and may have even gone into a store and me!  Way out of my price range and there I was, finding Chico garments for $1!  I had hit the mother load. Would they fit me?  No...but I was buying them to cut up for a new skirt project so size didn't matter.

Come home, am washing said clothes so that I can make the new skirt tonight to wear tomorrow...I's so fun!  As I'm looking at the tags and putting things in the washer I realize...and I die laughing...I'm talking the   "oh...I'm gonna wet my pants "  laughter.

Did you know that the word CHICO  means SMALL in Spanish?