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ex.cite'ment, n. 1. the act of exciting or the state of being excited;  according to Mr. Webster.

When I was growing up, Christmas was a really BIG deal!  We got excited weeks in advance and could not wait for Santa to come. You couldn't sleep, it was all you thought about and all you talked about...esp. with four sister's under one roof!  Even after the  "truth'' of Santa's identity came out it never diminished the excitement.  We have Mom to thank for that...!  So...thank you Mom!

I am FULL of that kind of excitement now!  

Why? TN BFF is leaving her house at the end of this month and heading west to my house.  We will then load my stuff in her car and head to my BFF who lives in NW AR  for days of fun. 

We will talk, talk, talk and then talk some more...subjects?...  oh, they won't matter, just the chatter and sound of our voices will be enough for me.  We'll have a day trip to Eureka Springs and will tour  Mrs. Quigley's home and grounds.    We will take tons of pictures and come home with awesome ideas for our own yards and gardens...I can hear the hubbies groaning already!  We will walk the streets for miles, stop to rest on a park bench, eat ice cream and watch the people go byWe will gather and store hundreds of memories to bring home and save for a rainy day. 

Another day will be spent at the famous Fayetteville Farmer's Market. On the our way, we will keep well trained eyes wide open and on the lookout for garage/treasure sale signs!  We'll walk the aisles at the Health Food store and stock up on supplies for home-made granola!  C and I will listen closely to T as she patiently tries to teach us to have and to live, healthier lives! 

I'm feeling just a little sorry for T's hubby!  Bless him...three fifty something teenage women in his house for ...well, maybe we shouldn't say just in case he reads this and gets cold feet about allowing us to come!

My friends...through thick and thin!

Excitement...doesn't even begin to cover it!