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Bugs...Bugs...and more Bugs!

I hate bugs!  Have never...will never, ever, EVER like bugs!

Here we have a perfect example!
June bugs...
They come out in July!
All over my fig bush...all over my figs...not one or two, not three or four...hundreds...yes...hundreds! They choose a nice ripe, sweet, perfect fig and EAT IT!  UP!

Now...if you are of the frame of mind as my Hubby Honey, then you're saying..." just go ahead and pick the figs... they won't hurt you"!  You don't understand!  When you reach up to pick a fig that's not "June Bug covered"  a gazillion fly out of the bush and it's like that old movie "the Fly" or something!

I can't do it!  Yes...I can work all day on the farm in a chicken house that contains 14,000 large chickens... sometimes they sneak up behind you and peck at your leg...that I can handle...go figure...but I hate bugs.  They are just CREEPY, CRAWLY and GROSS!

Needless to say...when we have June bugs...I don't eat figs!  I have to stand by and watch those awful bugs have a feast at my expense!

Another bug I HATE!  That sneaky, silent, BUG!

That's why I've had no new post for caught a bug and went...down, down, down!

So...had to pay to get the bug SQUASHED!  Then had to have hours of phone "conversing" with my "techie BFF" and even hitched a ride to her house...5 hrs one way...was gone for only 36 you see that not much time was left for anything but working out "bugs..."! 

Did I tell you?  I hate bugs!