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A first...

Have you seen the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou? There's a line in that movie that I love. " Do.....Not....Seek....the....Treasure...." 

Seeking the "treasure" that I use to make my bags is (at least) 50% of the fun for me! Now, I have a new treasure to seek!  Leather and suede scraps. Cast off samples from the furniture store! Look what you can do with  basket full!

As you can see this bag turned out beautiful! Best of all, I'm not the only one that thought so! The customer that ordered the bag, loves it and I've been stopped by ladies who've seen it that want to tell me how much they love it!  Yippeeeee! That's what I like to hear!

The leather was awesome to sew on! (very surprising)
Also,with the smell....... kept thinking I had a new car!