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B & B take a walk...

I have been very busy for the last couple of weeks trying to get holiday bag orders filled.  All those hours at the machine makes me stiff and sore.  I decided that I would stop every afternoon and take a walking break to help keep me going. Nothing long and hard, just down the hill to the creek and around the pond bank and back up to the house.  Fresh air and sunshine!

Day one went well. I think that both my brain and body were in shock from the unexpected and so neither one had much reaction.  Today was day six or seven ( not sure which ) and both B & B now have different thoughts on the matter.

Brain: " we go"

Body: "Oh Noooooo, not again!  I thought we had convinced her to stop this nonsense"

Brain: " Oh no you don't!  I'm on her side and so I plan to do all I can to make sure she never gives in to your baby whining and sabotage attempts! "

Body: " I thought for sure we had her when she couldn't catch her breath trying to climb back up that hill!  Yeah, and what about that tight pain in her back when she had to stop and bend over a minute to work it out.  Hey, how about those leg cramps and stomach pains? Those really should've done it!

Brain: " do you not realize that she does this for you stupid.....if she just keeps sitting there and doesn't work you every now and then you won't be going anywhere because you won't be able to move!!"

Body:  "But we don't like it! And we don't like you either for getting us into this mess!"

Brain:  "Someday you'll thank me!"

Brain:  " By the way...I'm the one who whispered that we should get that square of chocolate when we're done!"

Unexpected treasure !

If you've spent any time at all reading this blog you know that I love treasure.  You also know that I consider some things treasure that others would consider trash!  

 Collecting is fun as long as you don't let it get out of hand.  One thing that I seem to have started collecting is dictionaries!  I have spell check (thankfully) but I reach for my dictionary first!  Why?  I love books!

  All these new E readers that everyone raves over....nope....not me!  I know that we should never say never but this is one time that you can bet and take the money to the bank. I will never be an E reader person!  I want the touch of turning the pages, the feel of the book, the smell, everything that does not come with an E reader. And, you don't find unexpected treasure tucked inside and E reader.

While looking up a word in my favorite, old, dictionary I found the following tucked inside...

I know you can't understand why I consider this treasure. Here's the thing, the calendar is 1975!  The year Hubby and I got married.  This little piece of paper has been safely tucked away for 37 years and has not a yellow spot, nor tear.  All the holidays from that year are circled in red.  Memories!  Of what I was doing that year.  Simple, not a money maker, but a treasure just the same!

Would it be awesome to find a treasure that was worth gazillions????? Sure!  However, that more than likely will not happen and so I will continue to be content with, and keep watching for, and recognize....unexpected treasure! 


Southwest Arkansas isn't a place that's known for " beautiful fall foliage".  But this year we do have a little color here and there! I am blessed to live in the country and so as I look out this is what I see.

After almost three years of drought, God blessed us with enough rain this past summer that we now have color on the land.  Not a lot, but enough to make you smile and remember!  Remember who gave it and thank him for it!  I love where I live and I am truly blessed in life.  We need to always be thankful.  In the face of adversity we can be thankful that God will get us through if we ask for, and rely on, his help and guidance.

Look up and all around you today and see how blessed you are! 


I haven't shown you a bag in a while and so I thought now would be a good time to get caught up and share some of my latest projects.

I am not a fan of "specific" special orders.  I much prefer to just make a bag and then sell it or (my favorite) give it to someone!  But, since the name of the game is also about making extra money I (usually) have a very difficult time saying no!  Recently I had a request for two bags.  She asked for a Razorback bag and one for a gift for someone who loves cats!!! I agreed.  Hummmm! Cats....well what am I going to do?  Cat fabric?  Too cutesy...too artsie crafty.  And so, I head to my favorite, local, thrift store.  And there it was.  I couldn't believe my luck.  price?  $1  Yipeeee.....I was in business!

This awesome, black, felted wool vest.  A name brand too. (not that it mattered) Perfect condition. Even has a small stuffed heart charm hanging from the zipper!  My mind flew into speed drive, couldn't get home to my scissors fast enough!

A little cat surgery and Ta DA.....
A cute, classy, cat bag for a very special lady!

Funny thing was....

It turned out that the vest belonged to my sister who claims that she offered me the vest weeks ago and I turned her down then went to town and bought it.  Okay, in her defense, she's right!  But, she needs to learn to be more specific when offering me clothing to cut up.

  " Hey, I have this really cute vest with a big white cat on the front.  Would you like to use it to make a bag?"