Page by Page Extraordinary

Had company!  Special company!  Tennessee BFF Company!

Hubby out of town...oh! I know! 

GIRLS night!

Called the sisters and Mom. 
Bought food,
not a little,
got a lot!
Added a few fall decorations,


I know what you're thinking!  Wow!  She must have a lot of sisters. three!
One Mom! My TN friend and me...let's see...that's a total of...OH!  

All that food for only six women!

I did say it was Girls night!  And everybody knows that girls night is always full, and I mean FULL, of food, fun, food, talking, fun, food, talking and did I mention FOOD?!!!!  

Yes, we ate leftovers.

And ...  NO ... I'm not going to tell you for how long!