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I've been out of town for the past three days helping my daughter and son-n-law move into a new house!

Was this fun?  Yes!  Hard?  Yes!!!!!

As we worked, I would ponder from time to time if this would, "maybe", earn me some nursing-home points.  I'm sure that at some point in every parents life the thought runs through their head...I hope my kids will visit me if I end up in a nursing home. So...I'm thinking that maybe we should come up with a point system.  

Something like this:

Poopy diaper...10 points (each)
Bottle at 2:00am...15 points
Laundry and meals...(18 yrs worth) 5,000 pts.   
Halloween costumes & Trick or Treating in the rain...450 pts
Ball Games, Band Concerts, Parades, etc...50 pts. each
Dates and staying up late to listen for the car (or truck)...1,000pts ( each)
Painting walls and moving furniture...100 pts per time and wall
This list could go on and on but I'm sure you get my point!

I think I'm up to at least zillion by now.

Now...divide one zillion by each visit being worth 10pts, and it looks like I'm going to be the most popular "old woman" there!

You think I shouldn't count on a point system working????

I think your right!!!!!