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We learn just about everything we know about daily life through experience.

  • how to...walk
  • talk
  • ride a bike
  • dress
  • chew gum and not to swallow it
  • play well with others
  • work
  • love

On Wednesday, November 23, I began to learn the lesson of grief.  

My Dad died unexpectedly at 11:05 that night.  I've experienced death before many times.  But never the death of a parent.   We all know that death will come, however, that knowledge does nothing to get us prepared for the heart wrenching, I can't breath pain that follows.

I have so many reasons to be thankful and I will share them with you one day soon. For now the grief is too strong and has clouded everything I think and see.  I know the fog will lift and the memories will be sweet and when that happens I will be able to share the life of,  for me...

...the Best Dad Ever!