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Thirty-seven years ago today Hubby Honey and I were married!  

Wow!  37 is a pretty large number!  A sweet, elderly lady at church told me the other day that she thought I was only 35! As we say down south, "Bless her heart".  I did mention she is elderly and I'm sure her children need to have her vision checked! 

This is a bittersweet day for me! We got married on Mom and Dad's 19th wedding anniversary.  For the past 37 years we've always called each other to say "Happy day".  This is our first one without Dad and so, difficult! I have decided to give in to tears anytime I want today!  After Dad died someone who had lost his Dad told me, " the good ones are missed the most" and he's right!
  I will not put away thoughts of him today, I will let them come and linger for however long they need and I will shed tears for a life that's missed. I will rejoice that Mom and Dad chose each other and had the four of us.  I will rejoice in the fact that I have three sisters who share this grief with me. I will smile and laugh at things that are funny. I will notice beauty in the day. I will thank God for all he has blessed me with.

I love my Hubby Honey and I thank him the most for never giving up on me and for loving me always!

Happy 37 Honey!  Love you!