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I'm sure you're all familiar with the fact that Hurricane season is upon us and the names have already been announced.  Well...I'm thinking of coming up with a list of names myself.

My list will read something like this...

Mr. Dust Bunny
Mrs. Dust Bunny
Bunny Jr.
Little Bunnie
Bonnie Bunnie
Fuzz Ball

Okay!  You get the picture. I need to vacuum my house!  But...I don't waaaaaaant too!  I want to sew. I want to make pillow covers and purses and denim bedspreads ('s so cute, can't wait for you to see) and I want to blog.  So, when you think about's all your fault!!!  (I wonder if Hubby Honey will fall for that?)  

Am going out of town for a couple of days with the above mentioned, so...the Bunny family is safe for a few more days.

When I return there will be new products posted on the Memories Made come back soon to check it out! 

Going crazy!

I did something today that has me a little worried!  I wonder if there's a "small" possibility that maybe, I might be, Oh...I hope not...becoming just a bit obsessed.  I went in to town today to sit and visit with my sisters while they toiled in the heat having a garage sale.  When one sister and my niece returned from Sonic with drinks in one of those little cardboard carriers, I start yelling..."I want it"!

What is up with that. I couldn't help it.  When I saw that box all I could see was a really cute, deco something to be used in my " let's get everything organized project.!!!! 

I know that most of you look at this picture and see a stack of boxes!  Not me...I see free containers that will be sooooooooooooooo cute when I get them decorated, decoupaged, or maybe even painted.  This is all just part of a change in lifestyle that has caused me to be very careful about spending money and also about having fun in seeing things in a new light!

I'll be sure to send you a follow up so that you can see ...and of course new, wonderful storage containers.  Who might even catch a little of the obsession bug yourself.  

Maybe it'll be just a "little sting"!

Having a Two for One sale today!

Okay, It's not really that kind of sale...Just a desperate need to

I want you to be sure and notice my new blog look (thanks again Teresa)!  Especially the counter at the bottom of the page...please pass this site on to all of your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, peeps and, well, you get the picture! 

When the number reaches one million...Hey! You stop laughing...A girl can dream as big as she wants... I was saying...when we get a million hits...we'll have a party and you'll all be invited!!!!!

Yipee...can't me please!

Happy Happy Happy!

I teach a first grade Bible class and one of the songs we sing some is " I'm Happy Today".  Whenever one of the kid's chooses it I always say..." I love this song because I'm..." before I can finish the sentence they all chime in with..." we know, we're so happy".  We'll...can't help it, not sorry for it, not every single day all day...just most of the time!
My poor brain is running 90 miles an hour this morning with ideas...things to make, thoughts to share, and ideas to try. I almost feel like someone spiked my Folgers this morning! 

I promised myself that I would NOT blog before cleaning house. 
Do you think breaking a promise to yourself is really all that bad?????

I swear you could grow a garden on my floor.  (When Teresa was here last week I made her promise to wear shoes....inside)(not kidding)!  You know, actually, when you think about it ...if we garden on the floor... Wow! What benefits... wouldn't have to go far to harvest,  no bugs, no heat, no sweat...!  Hey, I'm sure you've considered it too!

To make myself feel a little better...I did put clothes in the washer.  Yes...they are things that will be cut to pieces soon for a new project...but I still think that counts as positive progress on the laundry.

Hubby Honey may not feel the same, but... if you don't tell, then neither will I.

Under Construction...

If you've visited me recently you will have noticed a new look and pages that aren't finished!

My computer genius BFF is here and helping me to get my blog reformatted so that it not only looks better but is easier to use.

As she performs duties at the computer, I am using pieces of old quilt tops and leftover fabric of her's to make the "cutest" pillow covers you've EVER seen!!!!  I am in love with this and can't wait to share I hope that you will continue to come by and watch the progress. Save those pennies so you can shop soon!!

I moved my sewing machine to the dining room table so that we would have a larger work area and watch each other's progress.  Don't tell her but when she starts using her big know...domain, tabs, buttons, HTML, monetize, code this and code that....I think "back at ya" and use my big words...thread, buttons, trim, bobbin, lace, piping....I know, it's childish, but sure makes me feel better!