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Tales from the dog side!

Hello!  I know that my new Mom has told you all about getting me.   After being called  "girl'' for a few days my new Dad decided to give me the name Rae. Mom slips up and calls me Girl sometimes but I don't care.  She's older and I've heard they have trouble with things like memory sometimes. She seems to be nice, most of the time.  She has yelled at me and gotten this sound in her voice that seems a little angry.  It happens when I pee or poop on her floor.  I think I belong to the man who is my new dad because I hear Mom say,  "he's your puppy'',   "you wanted a new dog...well, she needs to go out...NOW!''

I'm busy getting to know my new home.  There's lots of things to chew on. When Mom and Dad aren't looking I really go for these long wire looking things.  Mom is always telling me, "NO NO...that will shock you''! I wonder what shock means...hope I found out...sounds like fun!  Our house has these two long pieces of furniture that Mom calls a sofa or couch. I love to lay under there.  Dad thinks I'm hiding and that I like a cool dark place to nap.  Well... really, I saw all this dust on the floor that Mom must have trouble reaching and I thought it was the least I could fur makes  really good dust mop!

They are constantly saying my name.  Come Rae, don't Rae, let's go Rae, Rae are you hungry? Rae, do you want a drink?  Really?  Do they think I'm so stupid that I can't remember my name already? I'm sick of it and I've only had it a few days.

Oh well,  I do like it here. I get to sleep inside and I do get plenty to eat and even a treat now and then.  
I hear talk that I'm going to get a sister soon...that sounds like fun...

What is a sister?  Wonder if it's the same thing as  "shock''?