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From a little...comes much!

Before I got sidetracked by the need for a new email, I had plans to show you some projects that have been taking place in my nest. The following will let you see the wonders of a little time and some velcro! 

If you are like me and need to use every inch of space for storage, but don't like the way it looks,then...

take any fabric, or in my case, the skirt of a dress bought at a garage sale and a shirt found at the thrift store sack sale ...

and hide it!!!

Yes...I know,  someday, I must address the issue of the clutter that hides beneath...

Just like the bodies that hide underneath our clothes, I don't have to look at it while waiting on the day of ...Oh! that's perfect... to come.

 You don't sew?  Okay, no big deal.  You can use the iron on products that are available to  "hem'' your fabric and attach trim, then use the sticky velcro to attach the curtain.

Happy hiding!