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I's been a while since I've posted anything. ( Almost three months) Wow...time does fly when life keeps you busy. Oh I am.  For my five fans...I hope your happy, happy, happy!

I can't even remember everything that's gone on in the past three months but I know that I...

  • took a trip
  • anxiously waited on medical reports for # 1 daughter ( hopefully those will continue to come back good)
  • spent time worrying about a very sick friend  (who is now better)
  • organized my sewing room
  • made a number of new bags
  • worked in the yard to get it ready for the summer
  • raised another batch of chickens 
And then of course the usual cleaning, cooking, laundry etc. that never goes away!

Whew....that list makes me want a nap!

Here's proof of the sewing room work:
Still needs a little tweaking but I am very happy with the results. Do you know how long it takes to fold that much fabric around cardboard....Forever... So nice to be able to see all the fabric at once when trying to design a bag! 

Hubby Honey was not a happy camper when asked to remove cabinet doors. Had to remind him, once again, that this is "my room".  His only comment to that is with a question..." Where is his room?"  The only answer I have to that is he as an entire shop that's all his to decorate however he chooses.  If he wants to paint the walls hunter green,

go ahead!