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Got to thinking the other day...

OH!  I know...Hubby Honey says..."here comes the smoke...I'm gonna choke"...Ha! Ha!

Anyway...back to my thoughts on company.  

You invite someone over.  You cook.  You clean.  You get everything ready and just so.

And they come.  House is ready.  Food fixed.  Doorbell rings.  They come inside.  Holler, Hello! one is home.  No, "come on in".  No, "so glad you're here". 

Empty.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing! rude!

And that's how I've been feeling about my slackness concerning "a slowness of new post"!

If you're reading this...thank-you!  

Sit down, have a brownie, stay a while and be sure to come back soon!

I'll be here!