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Ten and Time!

Wow...just had a new idea to pop into my head and am so frustrated... can't seem to slow down the new ideas fast enough to get the "old" ones done! 

Hum.....not a bad problem to have I guess....
what would really be bad is to have no ideas at all!

Wanted to share an easy and cheap re-do with you!

My sewing room is combination sewing and utility. We had an up-right freezer in there and as you know freezers put off a lot of heat,so...we moved the freezer into the kitchen!

Wanted to make the freezer match the frig so...
for $10 in paint I now have a really pretty black freezer that looks brand new!

Problem sewing room is now much cooler...

Oops...the kitchen is now warmer!

Oh well...can't win 'em all!