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Look out

I am blessed with family and friends! Both of these groups are so good to help me with finding the occasional clothing item or piece of vintage/free/cheap fabric to be used in a bag. They will ask me if I would like to go through their thrift store or garage sale bag before disposing of the items! My answer is always "yes".

Here's my latest gift! ( Oh me they are as good as any gift with a bow on top )

A friend picked up vintage curtains at an auction. She was kind enough to call me before throwing them in the trash! Yes....the trash! When she opened the bag all I could say was...Oh Oh Oh....Bless her, she was concerned, was it a good Oh? You bet!  I am now the proud owner of  seven panels of this awesome fabric! I can not wait to see a purse/ tote/ weekender made from this fabric.

Thanks Dee, for thinking of me.

It's funny. I've noticed recently that when I compliment family and friends on their clothes they tend to hug their bodies and say NO

Road Trip

I love road trips, family, fun and fabric finding! Most of all, I love when all four can be thrown in together even if it's just for a very short two days. 

Because my mind is almost always on bags and what to make the next one from, I am constantly on the look out for fabric. I've recently begun making bags from discontinued fabric samples and so a stop at a local furniture was a must. I've been a day late and a dollar short with most of the stores. However, a stop on this trip turned into my lucky day. They had a box of samples headed to the trash! You'd have thought the man gave me a million bucks. The squealing, hand clapping and hugging were (probably to him at least) crazy! I was soooooo excited. 

Sister, Tracy, was with me on this trip. She had no patience to wait until we arrived at our Aunt Marcile's to look in the box. She climbs in the back and begins to look through the box!
What followed was;
  Oh! Look look...
  love this...
  You should do this with this one...
  This would make a great...
  Wow....I love that one....

And on and on, until...I hear...
.Stop the car! Stop the car now! Stop the car and get the box out! Stop the car now and get it out quick!
At the first"stop the car" my first thought was "JACKPOT" we've got some leather samples...yippeee!  And then when the "stop the cars" didn't stop I realized she really meant STOP and quick! And so I did!

Did we have leather? NOPE! Just a big, brown, roach scurrying around in the box and trying his best to find a way out! After stopping the car and getting the box out I disposed of both box and roach!
And so Tra went back to looking, sorting and stacking. 
Fun, Family and Fabric....Happy, Happy, Happy!