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Took a little trip!

The past few weeks have passed in a whirl wind! 

 Getting ready for a trip.  Going on a trip.  Coming home from a trip. 

 All three, fun, exciting, tiring and awesome!  Anticipation in the getting ready. Fun in the dreaming...(of treasures that await and memories to be made while spending time with sisters and friends!)

In this post I would like to share with you all the pictures taken during my trip.


I'm offended that you would think such a thing!  

You'll be saved by the fact that even though I was careful to not forget my camera, it was never removed from my bag and not one single picture taken.

If you have a good imagination you can take the following information and picture the trip in your mind and the fun had!

  • Mountains of NW Arkansas 
  • Four woman in a car looking for any and all garage or estate sale signs
  • Food
  • Laughter
  • Food
  • Bargains...yard sales, estate sales and an all day Auction
  • Food
  • Treasure
  • Food....I know....that seems to be the number one item.  But, you must understand that we took advantage of being away from home and ate some really awesome food that we don't get on a daily basis. Italian, Thai (twice), Grilled shrimp and salmon, a wonderful place in Eureka Springs called Fresh Flavor, Pizza ,Ice cream and homemade pie....just to name a few!
The weight that may have been gained from all the food was offset by the pounds removed due to the laughter! As Opie would say, " we just laughed and laughed and laughed!"  About what?  Anything and everything!

A perfect trip!

Friends, Fun and Food!

What more could a girl want?