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P.J.'s and chickens

As you know from previously shared info, we raise chickens on our farm and that is my primary "job" as Farm Tech!  Such an important sounding, fancy-smanshee job title.  Sounds much better than, "dead chicken picker- upper"!!!! Of course there is more to the job than that and it is important to do all I can to help raise a chicken that will bring in the most income for us.  Do I love it?  Well....I don't hate it!  Does that count for love...I don't think so.  But, here's what I do love about the job.

Here I sit, at 9:10a.m. in my P.J.'s watching it snow and sleet outside.  Do I have to go to the chicken house? Yes....When?...Whenever I get ready!!!!  Being a farmer is a 24/7 job. It is not normally a full days work though.  It can be and I've had my fair share of those.  Which is why, on days when it's 28 degrees outside and we are under a winter storm warning, I get to drink an extra cup of coffee, visit with a friend on the phone, think about what I might want to accomplish with my day or just sit a bit and watch it snow! 

So do I love my job? least sometimes!

I think sometimes about changing jobs.  Maybe one that's not so dirty, smelly and just plain gross at times.  But when I think of the hours and I would have to keep, a boss (other than Hubby Honey) and everything else involved, it doesn't take me long to be thankful for the smell and the gross and lack of salary and say "Hello!!!!" to slow mornings, talks with friends and watching it snow!