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Who wants pie?

I know that I told you yesterday that I "hate to cook"  and I do.  Just not my thing!  So, you are not going to understand the following.  I don't even understand it!

Yesterday while coming home from running errands I decided to surprise Hubby Honey with homemade apple pie! (must have been the weather) I'm talking make my own crust even. I haven't made pie crust since who knows when....Mr. Pillsbury is a good friend of mine.

And so...

Pictures are for proof of process!
So far, so good...
Now, here's where I need to tell you something.  I followed the EXACT recipe for the crust. However, when it came to the apples, sugar, butter and flour for the filling....Uh Oh! (just remembered I forgot to add cinnamon) Oh well....tooooooo late!  Anyway, with this part of the pie I fell back into the same "dump" method that I use with my soup!  Ha...didn't work out quite the same!
Poor poor pie.  Just looks pitiful and doesn't taste much better either.  Hubby was proud of the effort I think and I keep telling him ice cream will help!!!!!!  I'm thinking I get an A+ for effort. 

In a conversation over coffee and apple cake this morning, ( you don't have cake for breakfast? WOW!  I thought everybody did that...probably what's wrong with the world today) anyway, I told him that I was a much better "cake" baker than a "pie" maker.

His response...