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" The Boy Who Cried Wolf "

NO!!!!!  This is not a new "suggested reading" page!  
This is how I feel this morning. 

As you can see from the dates, it's been a while between post.  And so.....

I feel like SCREAMING.......!  

If you could see inside my head, you would know that blogs, posting and sewing are (literally) swirling around ALL the time. My family has started telling people to be careful not to leave anything lying around or, "Momma will cut it up and make something" !  I see everything (almost) as a potential new and useful object.  I can't stop myself.  I now carry a small notebook in my purse and can be seen, most anywhere, pulling it out and either leaving myself a note or a sketch of this or that.  I've even stooped to taking pictures, on the sly, with my phone so I don't forget....I know, it's really bad!!

Here's the deal....I want to do everything!  And I want to miss nothing!  So.....!

What to do?

Just like you need to try on those shoes before you purchase them (or you might have to give them to your friend because they ended up being too big...on second thought...I did get free shoes out of that deal) anyway, looks like I need to try a new way to schedule my days.

Schedule...UGH! I really hate to do that. But that may be just the ticket to getting on track with everything.  I'm a list maker and so, I think that, starting this next week, I will make a schedule and do my best to stick with it. 

Hopefully that will work.  If not I will be open to suggestions from you....actually, if you have a better idea already please let me know!  

Schedules are O.K. if you don't forget to ...

Stop...look...listen...notice...and enjoy the beauty and wonderful that surrounds us!