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Happy Room

I've spent the past hour looking back over old post and pictures to see if, possibly, I might be repeating myself from time to time with various pictures and subjects.  Maybe!  Decided it doesn't matter! If your memory is no better than mine you won't know it either!

Anyway, I want to show you more of my sewing room.

As I sit at my sewing machine, if I look to my right this is what I see.  When Hubby Honey was out of town on a trip I took too the cabinet doors with a screw driver and shelves for happy things!
Above the window, instead of a curtain or valance I had Hubby Honey help me hang a shelf that was in the kitchen. (re-purpose/re-use)
This it what I refer to as my "Happy Wall"!  It makes ironing a lot more fun (if that's even possible) when you have something to look at that sparks memories! Most of the jewelery you see here came from the TN junk house garage sale!  (More on that another time)

I may never have a magazine that wants to showcase my home but I'm good with that...

As long as we are "happy happy happy" that's good enough for me!