Page by Page

1+2+3= happy,happy,happy

1. Dumpster
Rented and placed down at the shop.  Permission from Hubby Honey to use.

2. Hubby out of town
"while the cats away..." the wife will throw out trash.

3. Trash
 Not the kitchen trash. I'm talking the "we've had this forever, haven't worn it in forever, never going
 to miss it, good for nothing, forgot about it years ago kind of trash. Now, here's a suggestion....if you
 get the opportunity for this type of clean up, put ALL your trash in BLACK garbage bags!  If your Hubby is like mine he may look over inside the dumpster and decide to pull something back out.  That has happened here before. Now, I know he's going to read this so I must confirm to him and tell you, that I promised to throw away nothing of importance or anything that was special. I kept that promise.....I promise! I cleaned, purged, organized, and made myself so very happy.

As you know, my logo for my business cards and bag tags is my lovely dumpster diver. But I had old clothes and other items that even MY imagination couldn't do anything with.

 Now I have bedrooms that look like bedrooms. Beds that you can actually sleep on. Rooms that you would not be ashamed to see. A sewing room full of items all neatly folded and easy to find. 

And so...I am, "Happy, Happy, Happy" and will have new bags to show you soon! 

ps...I must admit that I've thought of one or two items that I kinda', almost, sorta' wish, I hadn't put in there!  But, what can I say except....... BLACK bags!